About Us 2

We’re a design, animation and production collective.

What we do

We have been collaborating on moving media projects since 2004. As a collective we produce TVCs, corporate videos and pretty much anything that moves on a screen. As individuals we direct, produce, develop motion graphics, create visual effects and design.

Ole Sturm

Ole is a motion graphics animator and designer with 2 decades of experience, relying primarily on the Adobe Creative Suite.

Ole’s based in Berlin.

View Ole’s Portfolio | IMDB | LinkedIn

Laurence Dodd

Laurence is a 3d animation and visual effects animator – he’s a Softimage XSI wizard.

Laurence is based in Brighton.

View Laurence’s Portfolio | IMDB | LinkedIn

Mikhail Krasnykh

Mikhail is a motion graphics and 3d animator. He’s based in Russia.

View Mikhail’s Portfolio | LinkedIn

Tania Lacy

Tania’s a talented writer though her roots go all the way back to the 80s when she was a regular on Australia’s TV screens. In addition to being a talented ballet dancer, she’s also known as a comedian and writer for film and tv. In Sept of 2016 her first book was published with the sequel due to follow next year.

Tania is based in Berlin.

Website | IMDB | Wikipedia

Tony Mahony

Tony’s a talented director with a tonne of projects under his belt. He’s been directing TVCs and music videos since the early 90s. The Mule, a feature film directed by Tony, was released in 2014.

Tony is based in Melbourne.

View Tony’s Portfolio | IMDB

Tanya Stankovic

As a producer, Tanya has been active since the 90s, working on game shows, documentaries, feature films, music videos and TVCs. She’s based in Melbourne where she runs the well-known locations company, Location Works.

Visit Location Works

Sir Michael Caine

Surprising as it may seem, Sir Michael is not actually affiliated with us, it’s just the way he says “innit” which inspired us to call ourselves “innit”.

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