You Ain’t No Good – by the Bamboos

You Ain't No Good - Bamboos

Music Video

Tony Mahony
Tanya Stankovic

The second single to be lifted from 4, this is the video clip for “You Ain’t No Good” directed by Innit Digital’s acclaimed Aria Award-winning director Tony Mahony.

The band was after a clip they would appear in but as the track features a US-based guest singer, a straight performance piece was out of the question.

The father of a friend of Tony’s is a retired cop and he had lent Tony some mugshot books dating back to the 40s – each shot with its written details is a micro story. Tony threw in a couple of movie reference names from Don Siegel’s 1964 The Killers – Lee Marvin, Clu Gulhager, Angie Dickinson, John Cassavetes.

In the end the approach was to shoot a photographic idea and make it work. The entire clip was shot on a very tight budget in about 8 hours at the Abbotsford Convent.

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